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First Swing Programs are purposely built for PGA Professionals to grow the game from grassroots. Our programs are perfect for girls and boys aged 3 -12 years old, they are fully inclusive and we invite any players with special needs to come and join the fun too.

First Swing teaching model gives purpose to any coaching program.


Goals are achievable and based off of a player’s skill level.  This allows them to feel success. 


Players can see their progress and have a plan for improvement.

At each level players are evaluated in 4 fundamental categories. They are scored Bogey, Par, or Birdie. Once the player achieves Birdie in all 4 categories the player will move on to the next level.


Play Centered

We believe getting better at the game should feel like a game! Each week FS Challenges help you climb the global leaderboard.

How is First Swing System structured?

First Swing blends together playing golf with an educational twist to learn and develop golf skills. Players also have clear goals and technology to help guide them.

Offer Weekly Classes

By adding structure and a curriculum students and parents know exactly what they will be working on each week.

  • Instant access to the FIrst Swing coach resources
  • Instant access to term plans
  • Equipment supplied

Engage and Track Progress

Because the students actually go play golf you are able to track their progress and more effectively help them reach their goals.
  • Gamify your golfers improvement
  • Issue goals via the app
  • Send program announcements

Sample 8 Week Term

Our Pathway

FS is a purposely built business to help golf clubs and golf professionals engage potential new golfers through a range of different programs, starting from the grassroots up.

Our Little Swinger and FUNdamental Swinger programs are perfect for the new to golf, golfer. We are the training wheels of golf, using the modified equipment and game based learning, anyone can play.

Little Swingers

$108 + GST | 8 week program

30 min lesson

FUNdamental Swingers

$124 + GST | 8 week program

60 min lesson

Junior Swingers

From $145 + GST | 8 week program

30 min 1 on 1 lesson

MyGolf School Golf Programs

$80 + GST per hour

(set by Golf Australia)

How do players progress?


During each program players are continuously tracked in 4 fundamental skill categories. When a player completes all skill categories and they knowledge and play categories they graduate to the next program.

Step 1. FUNdamentals

Players are scored for each of the FUNdamnetals through game based learning, coaches use key words, phrase to teach each task.

Players are then score based on their skill using the birdie par and bogey method.

Step 2. PLAY

Little Swingers & FUNdamental Swingers

Players to complete each level need to demonstrate their PLAY ability through a skill test.

Little Swingers and FUNdamental Swingers will have 3 challenges

  1. Whack It!
  2. Nudge It!
  3. Roll It!

Successfully completing the PLAY section, along with FUNdamental skills tasks, players will graduate to the next level.

Junior Swingers

Junior Swingers have 3 levels oncourse

  • 3 Hole
  • 6 Hole

Players will have a set score they need to beat along with their FUNdamental skills tasks, players will graduate to the next level.

We also recommend course lengths for Junior Development players to be around 2400m or more in length for 9B and 2700m or more for 9A players



FS$ Reward Program

As we have mentioned our number 1 priority is making it fun and engaging for our players. To ensure FUN and player ENGAGEMENT we have designed a rewards program with the help of our amazing sponsor Callaway.

The rewards program is simple and provides the players an opportunity to be rewarded for doing well.

At the end of each session the coach will run a quick challenge based on what the players have been practicing in their lesson, a prize pool is determined based on the number of players in the group.

The winning player gets maximum FS$, awarded a novelty cheque and picks up a “Swinging Star” award. All other players earn FS$ based on their position.

After each session the coach banks the FS$ into each players account with players having the ability to check on their progress via the leaderboard, and at the end of the term they redeem their FS$ for prizes with a yearly prize for the top player in each program winning a set of junior clubs from Callaway.

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